Short guide on how to acclimate to Night City and avoid the problems that ruin the experience for many.

Cyberpunk 2077 is a game that has been making a lot of noise lately. After years of waiting and growing hype generated by several trailers, the game is finally out: from the early December the game is available for owners of Playstation, Xbox, Steam PC and Stadia.

BUT not everything went the right way. If you have a Twitter or Youtube account you will have come across a number of bugs compilations, some of which are truly hilarious. In addition, users of the “oldgen”, PS4 and Xbox One consoles complain about low quality graphics and wavy framerates.

As with everything…

In the first part I reviewed the most convincing aspects of the RP, mostly related to Design and Ergonomics. Now the part related to the specifications, where Canon has scissored.

No top display sorry

As you read in the first part of the review, the EOS RP has a beautiful design and well-rounded ergonomics. Handling it you realize how it was probably designed simultaneously with the EOS R.

YI am reviewing here the review the technical characteristics, and that’s where Canon has cut to be able to place their full frame mirrorless around 1000 euros.

Some “cuts” are ok and understandable for a full-frame and entry level model with no competitors, but as we will see Canon — as it often does lately — has gone too far in castrating its machine. …

Mirrorless are the next big thing in photography; Canon eventually took notice and launched this entry-level mirrorless in 2019. This is the first half, on budget and design.

Mirrorless cameras are the latest trend in photography, among those who are not satisfied with a photo taken from their mobile phone, but want a “real” photo: the photographers.

The audience that uses mirrorless cameras is varied and wider than the reflex one: it ranges from the usual casuals that film their children, to tech-enthusiasts obsessed with official technical specifications, to traditional-professional-photographers-of-village, passing through filmmakers with gangsta style and obviously Vloggers of various kinds.
A short Youtube search for “EOS RP review” will show you this variegated landscape.

The writer is halfway between the tech-enthusiast and the purist-masochist SIGMA photographer……

Canon recently launched two new mirrorless cameras during the REIMAGINE event. After the hype of the moment, what’s good and less good?

Article rev. 0.3 — beta


During the recent REIMAGINE event, Canon finally seemed to wake up after a ten-year sleep, and has emphatically launched two new mirrorless cameras, and relaunched on the new RF bayonet — “designed for the next 25 years” as the EF mount was at the time.

Along with the cameras, new RF lenses and a photo printer have also been introduced.

The event, which fell during this pandemic period, was only online, and was heavily emphasized and advertised by Canon on the main social media; hard not to come across REIMAGINE banners and tweets in the…

2020 seemed to be an insidious year for Sailfish OS, with the arrival of a crowd of possible competitors in the same market niche, and instead… updated to the end of this odd year.

This is the second version of an article published at the beginning of the year, before 2020 showed all its “uniqueness”. The tech scenario has changed little, but some details are clearer.

Apparent calm for Sailfish OS

Sailfish OS is still here, and it’s still the most reliable and mature mobile OS alternative. Over the years, several apps have accumulated, and Openrepos / Storeman have improved so much that they host better apps than those on the official Harbour store, or newer versions thereof.

The official compatible phones are mainly Sony smartphones of the Xperia XA2 and 10 generations, and are rather performing 8 core…

For years, Apple has shown that’s not necessary to “reinvent the wheel” every year. Maybe Sony has learned the lesson and seems to have found a method for its mid-range smartphones.

Xperia 1 II black — Article rev. 0.2

One of the most unique aspects of Android phones is that the families of smartphones are redesigned almost completely every year, giving the feeling that on a stylistic level the manufacturers do not have a clear vision, but are betting on the fashion of the moment.

This happens despite the fact that Apple has long shown that iterative Design works: 3-year cycles with a first “aesthetic revolution” followed by 2–3 years of technical evolution, to refine the product.

Sony, before

Even Sony in recent years has ended up launching quite different smartphone lines, including XA1, X, XA2, and the 10 of the…

The current coronavirus pandemic is more like a “blaze” than traditional diseases. This increases the leaders’ responsibilities for deaths.

The Trump Death Clock appeared in Manhattan

The Coronavirus pandemic is traveling around the world: after the start, in China and a second phase in Europe, there is now a third time in which the Americas are affected.
With the unknown of a possible “phase 4” in Africa…

We put aside the improbable and sterile discussions on the causes and initial silences in the Wuhan district, to focus on the heart of the problem: the pandemic itself and the effects of the pandemic on the population.

The disease in pills

As we know, Covid-19, more informally called coronavirus, is a sort of mix between the lethal Sars, and a strong seasonal…

Will the next iPhones have a notch? In the article you will find the possible solutions that Apple could adopt to avoid a notch, and my design solution (hand drawing) at the end.

A picture from the future? — Article rev. 2.1

The iPhone 12 is coming, perhaps delayed a bit by the Coronavirus, and this year the wait to know how it will be is spasmodic, because after 3 years during which Apple has maintained the same design, there should be “the revolution” .

As noted earlier, Apple has gone from a 2-year design cycle to a 3–4 year design cycle, but now the time for change has come.

Yes notch or not to notch?

The iPhone X notch was a necessary compromise to obtain an almost borderless phone: a full body OLED display, but the cameras and sensors had to be positioned at the top in…

Ironically one of the safest and most privacy-conscious phones today is… a Pixel device.

The nice rear design of Pixel 3a. The inside has changed!

The google Pixel 3a is the midrange smartphone by Google, aimed to bring the pure Android experience even to budget users.

In USA the price was 399$ at launch, now is slightly reduced.

The phone is basically the same as a Pixel 3, with cheaper materials and similar specs: 5,6 inches OLED display (2220x1080px).
The display is just ok, and not that bright…

So the focus of Google was on the camera: the idea was to bring an excellent camera to the midrange market. …

How Xiaomi does an excellent job on hardware and software, but the servers and privacy are still critical weakness. That’s the squaring of the circle that Xiaomi is missing.

Xiaomi is now the fourth largest smartphone manufacturer in the world after Apple, Samsung and Huawei, and gradually gains some market share.
As we know the main positioning is that of the mid-range, with some best-buys such as the famous Redmi Note 7, but Xiaomi does not only deal with hardware.

The development of the modified version of Android for the first phones — the famous MIUI — is proceeding with great commitment and surprising speed.


MIUI is the name of the modified version of Android installed on Xiaomi smartphones. In the past the change consisted of optimizations, then Xiaomi…

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